Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cricut Binders

For all those scrapbookers that use the Cricut, you understand how frustrating it can be to go through each handbook to find the font or shape you want to use. I decided to print out all the handbooks and place them in sheet protectors.

Binder Cover and Binder Spine - I used a fun font along with the Cricut head. I have one binder for the fonts and one binder for the shapes.


I divided the pages using the Avery Dennison Index Maker 8-Tab Clear Pocket View Dividers.


I printed the handbooks 6 pages to a sheet. It comes out to 9 sheets total. I used one sheet protector divider and four sheet protectors for each handbook. The sheet protector divider had the sample page on front and the first page of the handbook on the back.

***Thanks for looking!***


Brittany Christine said...

very good idea! I am going to do this for sure. But where did you get the print outs are they available online or do you have to scan the books? just wondering.

Crazy About My Cricut said...

Hello Brittany! This is the first time I ever responded to a comment so please let me know if you get this...

The books are available online but it is a really poor quality since the users of SCAL figured out how to use the imagines. However I did have to print some of the poor quality ones since PC is no longer posting high quality handbooks for the new carts.

Here is the link to the sharing site.

Linda over at is a truly amazing woman to have all this organized in one place for us.

Design Lily said...

WOW - I just got my cricut and am having fun experimenting - what a great idea to keep organized - might have to work on this over the summer while on break from work!

Dream of Scrappin' said...

Cool idea Amanda! I sucks that the books aren't good anymore!

Thanks for supporting me in the desk quest! I don't know the end result yet, but I am so thankful for all of you!

I hope you are feeling better!

Karen said...

Thanks for the great idea on how to organize all of the Cricut shapes! I have more carts than I'm gonna admit and yes, I do spend a lot of time searching for what I want! :>

bbgrldezigns said...

I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing!!!